Physical activity brings with it a lot of pluses. Movement is indicated at any age. The simplest and also the healthiest choice is running. We do not need to buy a gym pass to run on the treadmill, sports shoes are enough and we can run anywhere we want – forest, lake, park, and even the city center. However, we must always remember about a good warm-up. Train smartly and with the right knowledge. It is important to run but it is more important to not get injured.

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Foam roller massage therapist glasgow

Foam Roller – foam massage roller is an instrument, as the name suggests, intended for massaging the body. Many exercisers complain of painfully tense muscles, pain in the joints, and even limited range of motion. Standard stretching sometimes does not give satisfactory results, which makes the unpleasant condition worse. Contained muscles can lead to injury and even inflammation. Therefore, do not ignore them.

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