Sports massage is aimed at people who regularly play sports. In his techniques, similar to classical massage, but it is performed much more vigorously and with greater intensity. It helps to prevent injuries, eliminates the effects of overtraining, warms and relaxes muscles and prevents sourdoughs after exercise.

Sports massage is a form of treatment capable of correcting many problems – it is the most effective therapy releasing muscle tension and restoring the balance of the musculoskeletal system.

In order for the sports massage to be effective, it is necessary to perform a maximum of 10 treatments, after which a 14-day break is applied, due to symptoms of muscle habituation to mechanical stimuli.

The aim of the massage is to prevent pathological symptoms that may arise as a result of long overloads of muscles and joints.

Sports massage can perform the following functions:

  • warming up (preparation for training or competition);
  • regenerating (acceleration of the body’s return after a lot of effort);
  • healing (support for the treatment of injuries).

Sports massage has four basic stages:

Training massage

It is used throughout the entire training and start-up cycle. The purpose of performing a massage is to increase the athlete’s ability to work, increase the functional capacity of his body. The techniques used are strong grinding and kneading. The depth of massage, intensity and duration depend on the individual characteristics and properties of the athlete, as well as on the discipline being practiced. We massage only those muscle groups that work the most during training. The last training massage should be done 2 days before the important competition. The last massages should be a bit longer and more energetic, with particular emphasis on muscle groups that will take on the most important burdens during the fight.

Massage before the competition

The treatment is performed the day after the last massage and used until the day of the start. Massage should cover the whole body.

Starting massage

This massage is performed before warming up. The start-up massage promotes fast and deep warming of the muscles and the ligament-joint apparatus. As a result, the ligaments remain flexible, and the muscles increase the systolic capacity and thus become more resistant to injuries. Particular attention should be paid to massaging muscle attachments. Due to the specificity of the work to be performed by the athlete, the massage can be slow and longer – for long-distance athletes or fast and energetic – for short distance athletes. When taking a start-up massage, we focus less on the muscles that will be the most strained during exercise. Athletes who are anxious, reluctant to do a stimulating massage, while those experiencing excessive agitation should perform a relaxing massage.

Post-workout massage

It is carried out primarily directly after the competition, but also in breaks between individual starts. The most time is spent on the muscles of the back, the neck with the shoulders and the group of muscles that were least loaded during the competition. In this case, a stimulating massage is used with the advantage of deep grinding, kneading, and very fast patting. Less time is devoted to massaging the muscles most involved in the effort, using relaxing techniques such as stroking, rubbing, superficial kneading at a slow pace.

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