How to Prepare for Massage:

Muscle tension and life’s stressors may be the reason for your visit, there’s no need to stress about your massage too. If you know how to prepare for a massage appropriately, you can walk into your appointment ready to take in the full benefit of your session.

Take off your jewelry and watch.
When you think about how to prepare for a massage, just take off these items. You will save time and stress during the visit.

Without all the jewelry and the watch, it’s a bigger space for the massage therapist – he does not have to avoid the chain hanging on your neck or long earrings – so nothing blocks the flow of his movements. It’s also more comfortable for you – you can be sure that nothing during the massage will not hurt you or bounce on your skin.

What else you can do to prepare for a massage? Take a warm shower.
It is definitely worth taking a warm shower before a massage – not only to refresh your body, but to pre-prepare your muscles and skin. Warm water loosens and calms down. A warm shower that you take a moment before the massage by gentle muscle relaxation and skin congestion will make your body surrender to the hands of the masseur much more quickly, and you will rest and relax faster.

Dress in something comfortable and loose.
While during the massage itself, the clothing does not matter – because usually the massage is done naked or in a special one-time underwear. After the massage is over, if you put on a pleasant, loose clothing, or you will be able to “stick” in a tight dress and gymnastics with a zipper on your back or carefully button the last button in the shirt can have a significant impact on your comfort and level linger. It is therefore worth to prevent potentially binding situations and before the massage, wear a comfortable and non-compressing clothing.

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