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Our skin is the largest organ of our body, its structure makes it a protective layer for us. Thanks to the receptors present in the skin, we receive touch, warmth and cold. It is thanks to the receptors present in the skin that we can fully feel the strength, intensity, and manner in which we are massaged.

There are about 5 million touch receptors in the skin and 3,000 on the fingertips of our fingers, each time you are massaged our brain receives tactile sensations, because the receptors send information to it through the nerves, the flow of information between the skin and the brain takes place at such an incredible speed that every touch we feel exactly when it appears on our skin (and not, e.g. 30 seconds later).

Whenever we feel the touch on our skin as well as during the massage, our body secretes endorphins that are considered a natural painkiller.
Typically, massage is associated with the procedure performed on the exposed body of the patient, there are also forms of massage performed by the patient/client, e.g. office massage.
There are over 45,000 patents listed in the European Patent Office registered under the slogan: massage.
Research has shown that grandparents doing grandchildren have higher self-esteem and are less likely to experience depression.
One of the interesting forms of massage is Lomi Lomi, it comes from the Hawaiian Islands, and the method of massage is to imitate the movement of ocean waves and hula-hula dance.
The largest group therapy in the world took place in Indonesia, when 1,000 masseurs massaged for 15 minutes as many patients.
Some say that a 60-minute full body massage has a similar effect on the body as 7-8 hours of good sleep.
Julius Caesar used massage as a remedy for epilepsy.
The word massage was first used in England in the fifteenth century.
Lymphatic drainage is a type of massage used to regulate the lymphatic system.

For relaxation massage often use additional devices such as stones, punches or shells
In 1996, at the Olympic Games in Atlanta, the massage was officially recognized as a medical procedure conducive to the regeneration of players.
Massage after training improves our body’s ability to restore damaged muscles.
If you take a warm or hot shower before the massage, your muscles will relax faster and surrender to the masseur’s movements.
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