Physical activity brings with it a lot of pluses. Movement is indicated at any age. The simplest and also the healthiest choice is running. We do not need to buy a gym pass to run on the treadmill, sports shoes are enough and we can run anywhere we want – forest, lake, park, and even the city center. However, we must always remember about a good warm-up. Train smartly and with the right knowledge. It is important to run but it is more important to not get injured.

Running reduces stress and helps fight depression!
If you are a nervous person, you have a stressful job – start running. Thanks to this, you relax your back muscles, which are very tense due to prolonged stress. Thanks to this activity you can relax, listen to your favorite music on headphones and oxygenate yourself. Running is also recommended in the fight against depression. Intense racing causes our body to dream about regeneration and sleep, which is often faced by people suffering from depression. You can also add to jogging or cycling or even meditation.

It improves motor coordination
Running involves all parts of the body, speeds up the metabolism. The muscles of the abdomen, back, legs and other parts of the body work. We burn calories faster and our silhouette gets better shapes. Regular physical activity slows down the aging process and even protects our joints. Our condition improves, which will be useful in everyday life. For running to have better effects, it should be done in various ways – slow, fast or uphill.

It increases the efficiency of heart work, the fight against cancer.
The runner’s heart changes as a result of activity, the resting heart rate decreases, pressure drops and bad cholesterol. Regular activity strengthens the immune system, we are more resistant to diseases. It improves memory and concentration
Running strengthens neurons in the brain that are responsible for knowledge acquisition processes. It affects cognitive processes and intellectual performance. The brain, the better blooded it works, the easier it is for us to concentrate and remember more things.

It makes you happy and gives you energy
It is true! Not every runner likes to run, but euphoria appearing after reaching the set finish can addictive. We are proud of ourselves, if at least we improve our time, we will run this kilometer more. We are satisfied, have a positive attitude towards life, we have higher self-esteem, happiness hormones appear.

Starting the adventure with running, do not give up after the first workout. It will be hard, many times you will not feel like it, there will be excuses – no time, bad weather. However, remember, the most important is motivation and perseverance.

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