Foam Roller – foam massage roller is an instrument, as the name suggests, intended for massaging the body. Many exercisers complain of painfully tense muscles, pain in the joints, and even limited range of motion. Standard stretching sometimes does not give satisfactory results, which makes the unpleasant condition worse. Contained muscles can lead to injury and even inflammation. Therefore, do not ignore them.

A very effective method of combating persistent muscle tone is massage using a special roller. Sportsmen, trainers, and physiotherapists praise him. How does a massage roller work?

The contorted muscles are hard and tight. To eliminate this condition you can apply pressure massage. Strong kneading results in loosening of the tissues. When you can not do a massage yourself (hands do not reach or are fainting), a massage roller comes in handy. A properly used roller uses the weight of your body. It presses and kneads down a shrunken place, gradually reducing the tension in the area. It hurts so much if you can warm up the place and roll slowly – the pain should decrease. Continue to the point where the tension will cease and the muscles will be soft.

Eliminate joint pain
When you feel pain in the joints. Using a roller, you can massage the painfully fastened place very thoroughly. In this way, you will get rid of the pain. This method is offered to personal trainers by their clients. It is also used by physiotherapists.

Did you know that joint pain is not always related to cartilage-bone problems. A frequent cause is an inelastic muscle.
Training – exercises on the stomach, legs, buttocks
The massage roller is not only used to eliminate contractures. This is a sensational exercise device for the muscles of the abdomen and spine.

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