Does a good massage hurt?

How is it with this pain? The more we feel it during the massage, is it better? Or maybe it should not be at all? If you want to know my opinion on this topic, be sure to read the whole thing!

First of all, it is worth knowing that the basic purpose of the massage is treatment. Beginning in India and China, it was a natural method of treatment. In ancient Greece athletes were massaged before the competition to lubricate their bodies with olive oil. Even then, it was noticed that due to the massaging of oils into the body, various types of pains and ailments suffered by athletes during the fight were reduced.
The beneficial effect of the massage is associated with muscle relaxation, a feeling of relaxation and relaxation, better circulation of blood, as well as general improvement of the body’s functioning.

In order for a massage to fulfill its tasks, it must be performed by people with appropriate skills and qualifications. It’s not enough to watch a few YouTube videos or read the two tutorials to start massaging. Even an online massage course is not at all. It requires time and knowledge, which usually a professional masseur acquires during many years of studies, exercises and practices in hospitals or other rehabilitation facilities. It is necessary to know about the impact of individual massage techniques on the body, knowledge of the body’s anatomy, its physiology, as well as the ability to properly choose the parameters of massage, such as strength, dosage, or contraindications. Lack of proper qualifications or skills can make the massage improperly performed and instead of curing it can only cause damage, including pain.

What more exact damage are we talking about? First of all, too intensive and deep massaging the body parts near discopathy and hernias can cause muscle pain and irritation of the nerves, dizziness as well as general ache. It is unacceptably massaging, which makes the patient pain and it is not true that the more it hurts, the better the treatment gives. On the contrary, the natural defensive reaction to pain is muscle tightening, which makes it impossible to perform the correct procedure, and thus the massage, in addition to the pain, will not give any positive effects. Therefore, do not let us convince you that a good massage must hurt.

This is an excuse used by people who try to cover up their lack of skills and knowledge. Of course, it may happen that some places will be more tender, but generally during the massage nothing should hurt. What’s more, after the massage, we should not feel bad or “how hard we hit”, there should be no bruises or even subcutaneous hematomas. The professional can choose the strength and technique of massage individually to the patient, according to his ailments and expectations. As a result, the treatment ends with a noticeable change in ailments, they become much less noticeable, sometimes they disappear immediately, but never deepen.

What’s the conclusion? Let’s watch in whose hands we give ourselves. Let’s not be lured by low prices and tempting offers. Once and for all, let’s coded in your mind that a good massage does not hurt! It is supposed to bring relief, positively affect the mind and body, and not harm it!

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