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Best sport massage in Glasgow by mark the masseur

Our skin is the largest organ of our body, its structure makes it a protective layer for us. Thanks to the receptors present in the skin, we receive touch, warmth and cold. It is thanks to the receptors present in the skin that we can fully feel the strength, intensity, and manner in which we are massaged.

There are about 5 million touch receptors in the skin and 3,000 on the fingertips of our fingers, each time you are massaged our brain receives tactile sensations, because the receptors send information to it through the nerves, the flow of information between the skin and the brain takes place at such an incredible speed that every touch we feel exactly when it appears on our skin (and not, e.g. 30 seconds later).

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Physical activity brings with it a lot of pluses. Movement is indicated at any age. The simplest and also the healthiest choice is running. We do not need to buy a gym pass to run on the treadmill, sports shoes are enough and we can run anywhere we want – forest, lake, park, and even the city center. However, we must always remember about a good warm-up. Train smartly and with the right knowledge. It is important to run but it is more important to not get injured.

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Mark the Masseur Client Intake Questionnaire. 

One of the necessary tools of the therapist. Please read to let me know about your health condition. The completed form will help you determine the problem, locate the place of pain or may reveal some contraindication to the massage.